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Location location location! Sometimes ivy can be an attractive feature to your home. In the wrong place it looks unkempt and will damage your property. Book ivy removal in London to clear growth from your guttering, or your brickwork.

When allowed to grow into gutters, ivy will prevent the free flow of water, leading to damage to the guttering itself and eventually to the whole property. In the long term, the weight of the plant will even pull guttering away from the roof. Early intervention when this climber gets out of hand will save you the cost of extensive repairs down the line.

Book Specialist Ivy Clearance Services in London From Pro Gutter Services

Get your ivy clearance in London from people with the tools and resources to complete your work effectively and safely. You'll also gain from:

  • A choice of 24/7 contact options - Call us any time on 020 3746 8156, use our live chat, or fill in our contact form to request your quote
  • Book your service any day of the week or even bank holiday
  • Know that your work will be completed in accordance with all health and safely regulations
  • Pay an affordable price and benefit from discounts when you combine this work with certain other services
  • Get all your gutter maintenance work arranged in a single call - Ask us about gutter cleaning and gutter replacement

The Process of Professional Ivy Removal

Your technicians will start by asking if you want to eradicate the ivy completely, or just remove it from places where it's causing damage. Professional ivy removal generally requires several visits - you'll be advised on this when your workers have seen the amount of the plant and understand exactly what you're looking to achieve.

  • Glyphosate weed killer is sprayed onto the leaves of the ivy at the first visit.
  • Due to the glossy nature of ivy leaves, several applications are usually required to fully eradicate the plant
  • Once the weed killer has had time to act, your technicians will return and remove growth from your walls and gutters
  • They'll use secateurs to remove stems from walls and a scraper to remove ariel roots from brickwork
  • When you want total eradication of the plant, the ivy is traced back to its roots and these are dug out

Health and Safety Considerations in Ivy Removal in London

When you contact us the customer support adviser you speak to will ask about the height of the property from which the ivy to be removed. This will enable us to send technicians with the appropriate equipment to get to the plant without putting you, members of the public, or themselves at risk.

  • Your London ivy removal specialists will arrive with the protective equipment needed to use weed killing chemicals safely.
  • They'll bring warning signs to display when plant growth has been treated
  • You'll be advised on any precautions you should take after the treatment is applied
  • All plant debris will be bagged up for removal and safe disposal
  • Your service will be covered by public liability insurance and completed in line with all health and safety regulations.

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